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Product: Widest range Light Boxes and LCD & TV monitor CCFL

We can offer widest range of professional CCFL, LCD long lifetime backlight/sidelight CCFL, TV monitor CCFL, UV/color decorative CCFL, super slim/ultra thin T5/LED advertising/decorative light boxes, ultra slim/super thin CCFL/LED clear crystal lighting boxes, advertisement machine scrolling display light box, flash advertisement/decorative lighting box, decorative CCFL PC kits, EL trade name sign, EL brand name illuminated sign, LED illuminated sign/company logo, screw energy saving lamps, color energy saving lamp, USB PC mouse light, USB PC desk lamps, advertising backlit T2 lamp, LED/CCFL bus/car/truck lamp, neon light. 


CCFL,Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Lamps,Lighting CCFL,UV Lamp,LCD CCFL,TV CCFL Inverter,CCFL Inverter,CCFL Driver,DC/AC Inverter,110/220V Inverter LCD Display,TV Monitor Dispaly,LCD CCFL,LCD Units,LCD Light source

Colorful CCFL (Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Lamps)


CCFL inverter for lighting cold cathode fluorescent lights


Long lifetime LCD/TV sidelight/backlight monitor/display CCFL


Super Thin Light Boxes,T5 daylight Fluorescent Aluminum Lighting Box,Advertising Display Light Box Super slim/ultra thin advertising/decorative light boxes/illuminated poster frame Flat frame light boxes:Super slim/ultra thin advertising display light boxes,T5 aluminum lighting box,CCFL/LED ultra thin aluminum lighting boxes,Illuminated sign panel,wall mount lightboxes

T5 daylight fluorescent tube aluminum advertising light boxes


Super slim/ultra thin decorative/advertising illuminated sign


Flat frame illuminated sign, indoor using aluminum poster frame



Ultra Thin Crystal Light Boxes,Clear Crystal Light Box,Super Slim Advertising Illuminated Sign Ultra Thin Crystal Light Boxes,Clear Crystal Light Box,Super Slim Advertising Illuminated Sign Double sides Ultra Thin Crystal Light Boxes,Double-side Clear Crystal Light Box,double side Illuminated Sign with wire cable to wall ceiling floor

Ultra thin LED/CCFL adverting/decorative crystal light boxes


Super slim wall/desk mounted clear crystal advertisement light box


Single/double side crystal frame array with cable on wall to ceiling and floor


Wall mounted outdoor using aluminum scrolling light box


Stainless steel frame standing multi image advertising machine


Powder coated mild steel standing changeable light box with supporter


Flash Light Boxes,Wall Mounted Light Box,Aluminum Flash Lightbox

Wall mounted aluminum multi image no trace flash light box


Wall mounted aluminum multi image indoor using flash light box


Standing aluminum multi image flash light box with supporter


CCFL PC Kits,Decorative CCFL Kit,Computer Fans Tools,Straight Acrylic Hosing CCFL PC kits CCFL PC Fans,Decorative CCFL Fan,Computer Fans Tools,Round Acrylic Hosing CCFL PC FAN CCFL PC Kits Accessories: Molex,Plastic Boxes Inverter,Switch

Decorative CCFL PC kits for computer fans, Straight acrylic hosing


Decorative CCFL PC fan, Round acrylic hosing fro computer fans

CCFL PC kits molex, switch and inverter with plastic box

EL Trade Name Sign,EL Brand Name Sign,EL Decorative Display Slide Advertising vacuum formed/plastic light boxes Led Light Boxes,Multi Color Advertising Illuminated Sign

Electroluminescence, EL trade name sign/brand name sign


Acrylic vacuum formed light boxes, rotary illuminated sign


Multi-color LED advertising trade sign for pharmacy chain store


Mini CCF USB PC Lamps,USB Product Mini LED USB Lamps LED Flashlight

Mini CCFL USB  PC lamp for computer/laptop at night


 Mini LED USB PC lamp  for computer/laptop at night

Mini energy saving, long lifetime aluminum LED flashlight

T2 backlight light source, super thin advertising displayNeon lights, transformer Long lifetime screw CCFL Energy Saving Lights,Advertsing Diaplay Spire CCFL Saving Energy Lamps

T2 backlight light source


Neon lights, transformer


Screw energy saving lights



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