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T2 lamps Neon light
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T2 Lamp & neon


Fluorescent Lamp T2 is a completely new generation of linear illuminating source with many advantages such as small size, high luminance and low electrical consumption. Currently, It has been widely adopted for super-thin lamp box, display screen & other place. We offer 6W,8W,11W &13W types of T2 Lamp and all types of Neon. 

T2 Lamps


                       T2 lamp with cap                                             T2 lamp with holder
T2 lamp general specifications
Color warm white(3000K)/cool white(4000K)/day light(6000K)
Diameter 6.8 mm
Length 218.5/320/421.5/523 mm


Power 6/8/11/13 watts
Luminous 280/450/650/800 lm
Lifetime 7,500 hours
Color rendering index in Ra min 75 to max 93 Ra



 Neon light             


Neon light         


                       T2 ballast                                                     Neon light transformer



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