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small-sized flash diaplay light boxes


Small-sized product: It can be set on the table freely or be set on the shelf so as to be propagated directly.











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Multi-image flash non-trace display light box

Several  pictures are arranged sequentially and displayed respectively. The miraculous display by which pictures are shifted instantaneously makes the picture change from static to dynamic, from monotonous to colorful. According to research, the effect of product is 4-5 times as that of traditional light-box.
High visibility: The light box is made with accurate electronic technology and the imported raw material of advanced technology. So, it is equipped with LCD liquid-crystal dynamic display effect.
High equability: Every figure is changed smoothly and naturally, shifted instantaneously, and connected inseparably.
Flexible setting: The display time in every picture can be adjusted according to previous arrangement.
Saving cost, and improving benefit:
  1.It can accommodate 4 pieces of totally different pictures, then, these pictures can be displayed in turn so as to make a good use of the source of medium.
  2.For one medium, it accommodates 2-4 propagating interfaces and the effect can be 4-5 times that of traditional light-box. At least, the benefit can be 2-3 times of previous effect.
  3.The picture can be shifted momentarily. It is convenient to serve different clients and save cost.

Limitless creative power:
For several pictures, one light-box can display them; also, they can be displayed by one set of light-box simultaneously. Another, we can display many advertising pictures of several products in the limited space, the originality of advertising being more novelty, the imagination being more prolific.

Long longevity:
Imported material and excellent quality make the product work stably for more than 5 years.









Non-trace flash display light box

A set of products:
  Outside light-box: it displays one piece of picture in day, and displays 2-4 pieces of picture in turn at night.
  Inside light-box: it displays 2-4 pieces of pictures in turn.
  Revolving light-box: its 3 sides revolve at even speed; it displays 2-4 pictures in every side.
  Small-sized product: It can be set on the table freely or be set on the shelf so as to be propagated directly.
  Mini product: It can promote the image of enterprise as present of sale promotion.

The scope of application:
Underground train, train station, exchange center, hotel, airport, library, shopping department, recreation, elevator, office, bank, bus stop, and announcement board, and so on.

                     Moving adverting flash display Clock    

outdoor advertising flash lignt boxes

             Light box displays 2-4                    Moving adverting Clock

           pieces of pictures in turn                                                                

Outdoor advertising flash light boxes



Rotary non-trace flash display light box

Rotary light box is a latest combination of flash and rotary light-box, there are 2-3 images per viewing side , and 6-9 images totally. Each image changes very naturally and smoothly in the display which creates the unique flash viewing effect, attracting your attention and greatly improving the advertising effects. It is the best choice of POP advertisement. Now offers aluminium frame or plastic cement frame, indoor or outdoor, 220v or 110vAC.

Rotary medium flash light boxes

              Rotary medium flash image frames                    Rotary medium flash light box

                  Rotary medium flash image frames Revolving light box: 3 sides revolve at even speed, displays  2-4 pictures in every side


Marriage/individual photograph flash picture display frame

Applying the similar technology of flash display light box, it integrates 2-3 pieces of picture into one frame picture and displays them sequentially. It is for the top consuming group in the fields of wedding photograph and individual photograph.

marriage/individual photograph flash display picture frame   wedding photograph/image frame

Multi-image flash display marriage/individual photo frame picture      mini multi-image advertising panel 

     Marriage/individual flash display picture frame     Wedding photograph/image frame

Medium changeable       

image frame            



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