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Multi-image Scrolling Poster Display Light Boxes

We can offer widest range of scrolling poster light boxes, It can actually be called "advertising display machine".

There is a long poster film scroll on two roller bearing, drive by motor, you will see the poster move from one to the next. Microcomputer control the film move up and down, each poster exposure time, system on/off, light on/off.

Aluminum frame light box is standard product. Powder coated mild steel/stainless steel is available, indoor/outdoor.
High quality electronic ballast and T5 fluorescent daylight lamp.

Application: Indoor/outdoor advertising display light boxes, moving car/bar adverting display, advertising on sports, in gymnasium, beside the courts or beside the pool...


1.The system can hold the picture of 2 to 12 posters
2.Light slice receive strength any , can appear light a phenomenon of involving                                       
3.Each show of poster 1-99 time adjustable second  
4.Have function of clocks itself systematically, automatic and accurate while leaving                               
5.a group of light boxes can work together                   
6.If it is unusual to appear systematically, rotate for 20 seconds in succession , the system will start the self-protection function, stop running automatically          
7.The roller bearing rotates and starts and closes timing time to set for to control                                      
8.Whom inside light open and is it may control by time that set for to shut off.                                             
9.The inside illumination can also be started and closed automatically according to the luminance of the external environment                                              
10.The roller bearing can be control and turns from head to foot by hand. 
11.Chip procedure controls the microcomputer.              
12.Especially furnished with the light box and cut out and reduce the function , stay in the window of the lamp house guaranteeing an intact one when the picture is losing electrical power .
13.The picture shows , varies steadily and smoothly.  
14.Improve the service efficiency of the advertising position , low cost.                                                        
15.It is apt to change poster


Scrolling poster display light box,Scroll poster sign, scrolling poster display lighting box

Scrolling display sign with base   Scrolling light box on truck






 Aluminum frame scrolling display light box


Standard aluminum frame specification
Standard Specification Overall Size (mm) View Size (mm)
INDOOR0507 500X700X120 370X570
INDOOR0710 700X1000X120 520x820
INDOOR1208 1200X800X120 1020X620
OUTDOOR0710 700X1000X130 510x810
OUTDOOR1208 1200X800X130 1000X600
OUTDOOR1512 1500X1200X130 1310X1010
OUTDOOR2015 2000X1500X160 1800X1300
OUTDOOR3015 3000X1500X160 2800X1300
OUTDOOR4020 4000X2000X250 3700X1700
OUTDOOR5022 5000X2200X250 4700X1900
OUTDOOR6030 6000X3000X300 5600X2600
OUTDOOR9050 9000X5000X500 8500X4500


Custom design is welcome, custom up to 9000mmx10000mm.

scrolling light boxes,scroll light boxes,scrolling poster display illuminated sign

  Standing steel scrolling sign with stands

   Large size scrolling poster display light box



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