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T2 lamps Neon light
USB PC mouse lamps











Super-brightness LED , Low power, Long lifetime, safely.  



LED decorative light

     PEPSI brand name sign                                       Konica film trade name sign

 LED decorative light on wall or floor                      



Lighting arrange changing with music                  


Mini LED flashlight 



Aluminum Flashlight          



            5-LED flashlight                                                Flashlight



        Aluminum Flashlight                                           Flashlight 2xAA



  LED flashlight



  Plastic LED flashlight




Mini LED flashlight general specifications:




Length 35-100mm


AA1.5V/AA3.0V /3V Lithium Batteries

Weight 0.05--0.1kg (with Battery)
Characteristic   Waterproof/high brightness/long lifetime(100,000hours)
Material aluminum/alloy/plastic
LED number 1/3/5/7/9/and more





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