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T2 lamps Neon light
USB PC mouse lamps





They can be used to beautify crystal computer case, especially suitable for computer fans and computer showing. 4P line and plug of computer can be directly used.

1.Average type is armed with cardboard and control switch.

2.Voice controller can adjust light power according to the voice.

3. Auto-waver is controlled by electricity to make light length cycle automatically.

4.Straight type and fluorescence fan.

Background light of notebook and various instruments.

CCFL with acrylic housing


       CCFL with acrylic housing                                    One end with acrylic cap



    Blue acrylic CCFL           Green acrylic CCFL         UV acrylic CCFL        Red acrylic CCFL

          Dual-blue                   Dual-green                        Dual-UV              Dual-Red



Acrylic CCFL general specifications:


CCFL diameter

3.0/4.0 mm


CCFL length

420/300/200/160/100 mm


Acrylic diameter

inside:6.0/outer:9.0 mm


CCFL color


/rose color /verdant/cambridge blue/amber

/dual-color/tri-color/other color


Acrylic tube color transparent/red/green/blue/and each color stripe


PC kits


Acrylic CCFL with inverter, molex & switch




Lighting acrylic CCFL


Switch series




             4-pin molex and switch                                              Blue plastic box inverter




Acrylic CCFL with sound sensitive inverter, 4-pin molex & switch




PC fan, inverter, 4-pin molex, switch & velcro


5-start & round CCFL lamp for pc fan


Acrylic PC fan grill

Lighted CCFL & fluorescent acrylic fan 


PC kits general specifications:






inverter/4-pin/switch/PC plate/connecter/velcro


different housing inverter/sound sensitive inverter







Plastic packing 




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