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About Our Company 


Byfort company is a professional high-tech enterprise, which produces CCFL (Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Lamps), LED lamps, EL(Electroluminescence) lamps,  T2 lamps, Neon lights and CCFL inverters , T2 Ballast & Neon transformer. During recent years, we have achieved great progresses in producing finished products of lamps and lanterns, especially the advertising lighting box and decorative lights for commerce and family which are greatly welcome .The company has stepped into a period of rapid development and incessant expansion.




Product series

The main products of our company are CCFL (Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Lamps), LED lamps, T2 lamps, neon lights, antiseptic lamps and super-low energy-costing lamps; super-thin advertising lighting box, shopwindow and counter showing lights, super-thin album, decorative lights for cars; PC Kits and PC USB mouse light; bed-lights, decorative lights for bus and car, corridor lights and CCFL inverter, T2 ballast, neon transformer, power, adapter and et al.


We have already exported our products to many countries around the world such as Europe, America, Japan, Korean, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan, et al. 

The main business of this high-tech enterprise is research, however, its focus is produce and trading.

The employees are experienced and professional managers and technologists, some of them are doctors, masters and advanced technicians. 













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